How to Search for an Applicant’s DEA Number

What Is a DEA Number?

Medical practitioners can write prescriptions for controlled substances with the help of a DEA number. It’s a one-of-a-kind identifier with two letters, six numbers, and one check digit.

The first letter of the registrant form, such as B for clinics or hospitals, E for manufacturers, C for providers, and R for narcotic treatment services, designates the type of registrant. The first letter of the prescriber’s last name is the second letter. Prescribers who use a business address instead of their names can use this as number 9.

Make sure this number is right when performing a DEA search. It’s not unusual for work applicants to use false or expired DEA numbers, according to Career Phase. However, most pharmacies and health-care facilities also have access to DEA verification software and online resources.

How to Search for an Applicant’s DEA Number

The DEA number of an applicant can be found and verified in a variety of ways. To begin, make a phone call to the applicant’s office and ask for this information. If this isn’t possible for some reason, go to the DEA database.

Create a user account at and choose a weekly, monthly, or quarterly subscription. Then, go online and do a DEA search.

Doctor DEA number lookup
How to Search for an Applicant's DEA Number
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Another choice is to contact the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and inquire about a particular license. This method can also be used for DEA verification.

If you already have this number but aren’t sure if it’s accurate, contact the Drug Enforcement Administration and ask for a lookup. You may also use the DEA database to accomplish this.

If you want to do a doctor DEA number lookup search then also you can use this method. There are some other tools available in addition to the official DEA database. For example, DEA Lookup has over 1,762,932 records. This service allows you to look up and verify DEA numbers, physician credentials, and other details.

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